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BHM is a software as a service (Saas) company that offers a web-based project management tool. The tool helps users to manage their tasks, track progress, and collaborate with their team members. BHM had a high churn rate among their users, and they were struggling to keep users engaged and retained.

🎯 Challenges

BHM was facing challenges in retaining their users and keeping them engaged with the platform. Many users were signing up for the tool but not using it regularly or abandoning it after a few days. The company needed to improve their user onboarding process and find ways to keep their users engaged with the platform.

💼 Strategy 

BHM implemented a new user onboarding process that included a step-by-step guide to help new users understand the platform’s features and how to use them effectively. The company also created a referral program that rewarded users for inviting their friends and colleagues to sign up for the platform. BHM provided incentives such as additional features, free subscriptions, and discounts for successful referrals.

⚒️ Execution 

BHM worked with their design and development teams to create a new user onboarding process and integrate the referral program into the platform. The company also communicated the new features and incentives to their existing users through email campaigns and in-app notifications.

⭐ Results 

Thanks to our efforts, After implementing the new user onboarding process and referral program, BHM saw a 250% increase in user engagement and retention. The company also saw a significant increase in user referrals, leading to a 120% increase in new user sign-ups. As a result, BHM’s revenue increased by 300% in just four months.


BHM’s success in improving their user engagement and retention demonstrates the effectiveness of a well-designed user onboarding process and referral program. By focusing on the user experience and providing incentives for referrals, BHM was able to increase engagement, retain users, and drive revenue growth.


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