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Interior Design – Digital Marketing Agency Case Study


DA Interior Designer is a small business run by a talented interior designer who specializes in creating beautiful, functional spaces for clients.
Despite her skills, DA struggled to gain traction in the local market due to a lack of visibility online. That’s when she turned to our agency for help in building a website that would showcase her work and improve her search engine rankings.

🎯 Challenges

DA Interior Designer faced several challenges when it came to online visibility.
Her previous website was outdated and difficult to navigate, which made it hard for potential clients to find the information they needed. Additionally, she had never focused on SEO or content creation, which meant she wasn’t ranking for the keywords her potential clients were searching for.

💼 Strategy 

Our agency worked closely with DA to develop a new website that would showcase her work and highlight her unique design style. We optimized the website for search engines, making sure that the website was easy to navigate and that all of the content was structured properly. We also worked with DA to develop a content strategy that would attract potential clients and improve her search engine rankings. This included creating blog posts on topics related to interior design, as well as optimizing her website content for relevant keywords.

⚒️ Execution 

We built DA’s new website using our optimized system, which ensured that the site was fast, responsive, and easy to navigate. We also created blog content that was optimized for search engines and provided value to potential clients. We used a variety of on-page and off-page SEO techniques to improve the website’s rankings in local search results.

⭐ Results 

Thanks to our efforts, DA Interior Designer was able to rank on the first page of Google for relevant local search terms within just 5 months of launching her new website. Her website traffic increased by 225%, and her bounce rate decreased by 35%. Most importantly, she saw a significant increase in new client inquiries and bookings, with a 400% increase in bookings from organic search traffic.


By working with our agency to build a new website and implement an SEO and content strategy, DA Interior Designer was able to significantly improve her online visibility and attract more clients. Our optimized systems and methods, combined with our expertise in SEO and content creation, helped her rank on the first page of Google and increase her bookings by 400%.


We generated 200x more online sales in 2022.

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